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“New Listing” Photos

On Sundays, I like to re-visit comments and feedback I received in the prior week. I get excellent feedback, constructive criticism and feature requests and it is all well received! Some things need explaining because our goal is to provide a first of its kind experience as a brokerage in the HAR geographical area and with that comes certain nuances [...]

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The New iPad: What Does It Mean To Real Estate?

The new Houston Apple Store in Highland Village opened today to great fanfare as usual! Always exciting to me. This opening was accompanied by the launch of the New iPad and that has special meaning. Why? Because I am in real estate technology and I believe this is the single most important device that will [...]

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Sold Data Update

In the coming days we will be making an update to the display of our Sold data. As a Broker and a member of the Houston Association of Realtors, we must operate in accordance with the Multiple Listing Service of the Houston Realtors Information Service – Rules and Regulations. Rule 19.19 states: 19.19 A Participant [...]

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Pinterest – Explained by Chris Smith & Katie Lance of InmanNext

Pinterest is gaining steam as one of the best ways to go “social” for real estate agents. Chris Smith and Katie Lance of InmanNext provide an A to Z presentation of how to use Pinterest in real estate. These guys are on the bleeding edge of technology and how agents can stay ahead of the [...]

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NuHabitat Search – Best Practices Part 2 – Advanced Search

Location 1) Listing Features - are good for ‘new listings’ and ‘reduced listing prices’. New listings are listings which have been on the market for 7 days or less. A price reduction is indicated by the orange down arrow. These searches show ONLY those listings that meet the selected criteria. 2) Street# & Street Name - currently [...]

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NuHabitat Search – Best Practices Part 1 – Quick Search

As we launch, I think it would be helpful to share a few “best practices” for our search functionality. In the near future, we will have map search, as well as, a broader range of providing search results based on specific search criteria, such as address. Interestingly enough, as I was writing this blog, I saw a [...]

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Chateau Ten – A new development by Randall Davis

In Houston’s ever expanding high and mid-rise marketplace, Randall Davis has made quite a name for himself. Much of Houston’s skyline is adorned with buildings by the renowned developer. With a resume that includes the illustrious Hotel Icon, it’s no wonder Mr. Davis’s projects continually sell out. In fact, his reputation for luxury and quality [...]

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Ground Control To Major Tom

Well…here we are. Launch time! This has been one heck of a journey over the last year but I am extremely excited. What an interesting time right now in the real estate industry and elsewhere. The financial markets are at multi-year highs, it’s an election year, wars are ending and soldiers are coming home, we [...]

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NuHabitat Makes AGBeat’s “Genius Brands” List

NuHabitat is named by AGBeat to its list of “60 Genius Brands to watch in 2012″. It is extremely exciting and humbling to make this list as we approach our launch. Thank you AGBeat and AgentGenius for recognizing our efforts. We hope to deliver in 2012! Happy New Year to all! 60 Genius Brands to watch [...]

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AGBeat Picks Up On NuHabitat

This was very exciting for me. I was doing work at my desk when I received a tweet from @laniar…”yay, you were written up on AGBeat!” What’s funny is that when I saw this, I was skeptical. I actually waited a bit before clicking on the link because I was thinking it was spam with [...]