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Ground Control To Major Tom

Well…here we are. Launch time! This has been one heck of a journey over the last year but I am extremely excited. What an interesting time right now in the real estate industry and elsewhere. The financial markets are at multi-year highs, it’s an election year, wars are ending and soldiers are coming home, we are in the midst of an economic recovery, new ideas like Pinterest are gaining traction, the Super Bowl champs have been crowned and now we have the imminent launch of the iPad 3 and soon to follow the real IPhone 5.

Then we turn to the real estate industry. What a mess. We have the never ending debate over syndication. Who will win out? Will it be the portals like Zillow and Trulia? Will it be the Brokers or the MLS’s? Frankly, I have learned more than I ever really cared to know about how fragmented and dysfunctional the display of listing data really is. I started this just wanting to get the information to the consumers. I never imagined.

I remember when we first started this journey, I saw a couple sitting in Starbucks with a stack of printed MLS listing reports, shuffling them all around and trying to write notes on them. It looked like a disaster. There was a lot of motivation that came from that. I even walked over and sat down with them to hear more about their experience in looking for a home.

So…again, here we are. My lead developer just sent me an IM saying…we are switching over to NuHabitat.com. GULP! There won’t be a lot of fanfare but I hope we can begin to provide a greater level of transparency to the Houston real estate market and a better way for consumers to manage the process of buying or selling a home. We have a lot of features in the queue and I can’t wait to roll them out.

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Jeff Burke | NuHabitat