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NuHabitat Search – Best Practices Part 1 – Quick Search

As we launch, I think it would be helpful to share a few “best practices” for our search functionality. In the near future, we will have map search, as well as, a broader range of providing search results based on specific search criteria, such as address. Interestingly enough, as I was writing this blog, I saw a twitter post scroll by from Brian Boerno (@1000wattBrian) that said, “I’m looking forward to a world without Advanced search”. Great comment! I would be eager for Brian to frame that and provide a vision.

Some things to consider when creating a Quick Search (homepage) on NuHabitat:

1) City –  this is very useful if you are searching an area that is considered it’s own city within our Houston city limits. Some examples would be West University, Bellaire or Piney Point. These results will vary on the way the listing agent has entered the home into the MLS.

2) Zip Code – this is the best criteria to use. I realize you may not know the zip code for the area which you want to search, but if you do…try it first.

3) Address – currently, you must provide the EXACT matching address as entered in the MLS. This can be a little frustrating as it must include Dr., Drive, St., Street, Blvd….you get the picture. It is also case-sensitive to the way it is entered in the MLS. We are working to provide a non case-sensitive “keyword” search functionality.

4) MLS# – is self explanatory. This should provide an accurate match to any listing that is currently Active, Option Pending, Pending Continue to Show or Pending.

This should help you understand our homepage Quick Search. I will elaborate more on our Advanced Search features in Part 2.

Jeff Burke | NuHabitat