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Sold Data Update

In the coming days we will be making an update to the display of our Sold data. As a Broker and a member of the Houston Association of Realtors, we must operate in accordance with the Multiple Listing Service of the Houston Realtors Information Service – Rules and Regulations.

Rule 19.19 states:

19.19 A Participant may allow a Registrant to view, retrieve, or download an unlimited number of currently active listings, however, Participant must limit the number of sold listings that a Registrant may view to not more than 50 sold listings in response to any inquiry and not more than 1,000 sold listings in any 12 month period. 

So what does this mean? As I understand rule 19.19, NuHabitat will no longer be able to display more than 50 results showing sold data (the display of the actual sold price) resulting from any single request based on the same set of criteria. Additionally, per rule 19.19, NuHabitat will be restricted to showing not more than 1,000 results of sold data per registered user in a 12 month period.

It is our mission to continue to provide the most timely and accurate data with the highest level of integrity to our clients.

We enjoy hearing from our clients, so please provide us with feedback on how we are doing and what we can do to better serve you in your search for a new home or when you are a seller.

Jeff Burke | NuHabitat

  • Asif

    I’m just wondering how HAR plans to implement that policy. Are they going to come knocking on doors to log into other companys servers to check tables to see how many times a user logged in to check prices?

    • http://www.NuHabitat.com NuHabitat

      As we speak, these rules are being brought into question by HAR themselves. We will await the final outcome.