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The New iPad: What Does It Mean To Real Estate?

The new Houston Apple Store in Highland Village opened today to great fanfare as usual! Always exciting to me. This opening was accompanied by the launch of the New iPad and that has special meaning. Why? Because I am in real estate technology and I believe this is the single most important device that will be a game changer to the real estate industry. If you are one of those agents who takes CRAPPY pictures of your listings…BEWARE…the New iPad is here, and it is NOT your friend! Your low res, unprofessional pictures will look worse than ever!

Go out, make the investment in an introductory DSLR, learn to use it by taking an introduction to digital photography class at Rice (Andrew  Adams teaches great digital photography classes), buy the New iPad, and show off your pictures! Or at the very least, hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos.

Every agent should be scrambling to get one in their hands and learn every way they can use it to be a better agent. This includes listing appointments, field management, pictures, search, blog, the list is long.

I checked the New iPad out yesterday and I was impressed. It is snappy fast, the new retina display is AWSOME, and if you get to use 4G…all I can say is NIIICE!

Jeff Burke | NuHabitat

  • Asif

    Totally agree with you. What is up with the agents stuck in the 80s using ugly pictures without focus. Being an agent for a a seller means being a salesperson. How is it possible to sell with ugly pictures?
    This rings true in car sales as well. Take a look at the difference in sellers on eBay. There are dealerships who know how and what to photograph, but then there are other listings of cars that show just 6 pictures.

    The iPAD is awesome! There are certain apps that are very useful. Take ZipRealty for example. They’ve included GPS functionality to focus in on homes for sale nearby, but you can also pinch and zoom to find properties that are in an area of interest.

    It’s only a matter of time before contracts are written and signed on iPad, and only printed on paper for formality. :D

  • S

    So, Jeff, speaking of the iPad, where is the NuHabitat iPad app? I have and use the HAR app (why does it force me to use landscape mode? and why does “show me open houses” inexplicably switch into “show all homes for sale” when I zoom in?) and the ZipRealty app (works in both landscape and portrait but has a few quirks and doesn’t have Sold data). A NuHabitat app would complete my toolkit.

    • http://www.NuHabitat.com NuHabitat

      It is on the list! …and I am happy to say that Open House data is imminent on the NuHabitat web application. Our goal at this time is to make the NuHabitat html5 site as usable as possible on the iPad. We have a substantial update to the site skeleton to address existing issues in iOS. This release should be out shortly as well. Thanks for the support!